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Candy for a Cause™ has been helping vendors make money while helping a cause with the charity honor boxes.  It's a program that also builds goodwill with the businesses who sponsor a display, creates awareness for the cause, and provides a tasty treat for the patrons of the businesses.  

It's a great business that can free you from selling your time to others while working for a higher cause.  With a simple business model that has proven to be successful.



Besides making money while helping a cause, the benefits of owning a Candy for a Cause™ business are plentiful.  Here are some of the benefits:

You decide your income depending on how many displays you want to place.

You decide your schedule, work on the days and times that fits with your lifestyle.  Take time off without putting in a two week request!

You pick the products you'd like to put in your displays.

You have complete control of how your business operates.

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